No More Sore Feet at the Trade Show

Posted by admin on Aug 24th 2015

woman massaging tired feet

Have you ever worked a booth at a trade show and NOT come home with agonizing feet? If you answered yes, it’s probably because you walked on your hands all day, and that’s just frankly not feasible for most folks. Besides, you probably had sore hands by the end of it anyhow. But fear not, we’ve come up with a revolutionary solution that doesn’t involve acrobatics. For those of you who are already familiar with us and what we do or have maybe just looked at the name of the website you’re browsing, you probably already know it – mats! 

Mats can give your business a bit of a boost at a trade show. Less discomfort for you means an easier time interacting with folks at your booth, and a better impression on potential clients and customers. We’ve got a couple of options you could choose from depending on what you’re expecting at the show – if it’s a high-traffic event and you often have people walking through your space, you might want to consider our heavy-duty options, while if most of the foot traffic in your booth is going to be your own, you might not end up making use of the extra durability and could save yourself a little dough by ordering the regular EVA mats (which come in a bunch of different colors, so it’s easy to match them to your display).

Once the trade show is done, the mats are easy to stow and transport since there’s no adhesive required to put them down, and the tiles stack and move easily and conveniently. They’re chemically resistant and easy to clean, too, so at busy events like these a spill or two won’t force you to order more mats. If a mat does become damaged, the interlocking design allows you to simply replace one single tile for a couple of bucks, keeping you from having to replace an entire flooring system.

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