New Play Areas

New Play Areas

Posted by admin on Jul 22nd 2016

When they’re little, the play area is a play pen or a soft carpet surrounded by a plastic gate. But then they grow, and the play area is too limiting. So you have some work to do. Where will be the safest, most comfortable, and accessible play area for your toddler? Wherever you decide to put it, we believe some soft, supportive EVA foam mats will make that space perfect.

Play mats come in all shapes and sizes, and we offer some of the best. Say your little guy is still in a confined area. Our ABC/123 mats are a great way to cushion his play area but still be sturdy enough to learn to balance on. Carpet holds allergens, but EVA foam mats won’t, and they’re much easier to clean than carpet. With the ABC/123 mats, your little one can learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors while she’s playing. (Isn’t it great when they learn without realizing it?!)

If your child is a little older, we suggest our solid color EVA foam mats. You can choose more than one color to make a fun pattern and even let the kids help put them together. The mats interlock with tabs, like a giant puzzle, so they’re super easy to install. No adhesives are required, so you can take the whole thing apart and rearrange the mats any time. They also make great building components for the little engineers. Houses, forts, etc. are easily constructed with the mats. Trust us, the kids will find more uses for the foam mats than you could imagine!

If you want the play area to blend into a living room, you might consider our wood grain mats. They come in 5 different grains, so you’re sure to find something that works in your adult space. These 3/8″ mats provide that same cushioning and support as the multicolor and ABC/123 mats, but have a more adult feel to them. And like all the other mats, they’re easy to clean. Just sweep off or use a suction only vacuum, and if need be, use a little mild detergent in water to clean any spills or dirt. The mats air dry quickly and will be ready for use in no time.

If you’re ready to create a new play area in your home, start from the bottom with EVA play mats.