Nastia Liukin Gymnastics Equipment

Posted by admin on Apr 17th 2015

Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment

Time to highlight some products we’re extra proud to offer! If you have a budding gymnast in your family, this is one article you’ll want to keep handy. We happen to know a young woman who has nine World Championship medals, was the 2008 Olympic individual all-around champion, is a four-time U.S. National Champion, and has her own line of gymnastics equipment that We Sell Mats is excited to promote. Who is this amazing young woman? Nastia Liukin!We Sell Mats is proud to carry six different pieces of Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment: folding mats, an aerobics mat, a preschool training bar, beginner and junior balance beams, and a floor training rail. These are top-of-the-line offerings endorsed by the Olympian herself. When it’s time to go gift shopping for the gymnast in your life, this should be the first and last place you go, because this equipment will be the best gift any young gymnast could ever receive!

The mats in Nastia’s line are 1.5″ thick and covered in 18 oz. vinyl. The folding gymnastics mats fold every 2 feet for convenient storage. For a young tumbler, these are a must-have. For an easy-to-carry aerobics mat, you can’t beat Nastia’s pink aerobics mat. Not because it’s pink, although that’s a plus, but because it’s constructed to be easy to carry, soft and supportive underfoot, and durable to take any workout you can dish out.

Gymnastics is much more than just tumbling, though; it involves coordination and balance on different gymnastics apparatus, like the balance beam, bar, and floor. To help gymnasts master handstands and learn transitions, the Nastia Liukin Floor Training Rail is perfect. This 2″ rail is made of solid maple and laminated for smoothness and grip. Throw some mats on either side of this and you’ll be ready to go. Introduce kids to the balance beam in a safe and controlled manner with the Beginner Foam Balance Beam. The durable suede cover gives the gymnast a sense of what a real balance beam will feel like, but this beam sits on the ground and is a whopping 4″ wide. The kids will learn confidence along with balance and control. And when they’re ready for the next level, the Junior Balance Beam is waiting in the wings. The surface has 1/4″ of padding with a suede-like cover. The top of the beam sits 5.5″ high, so skills can still be mastered in safety.

Finally, for the icing on the cake, what child can resist swinging from anything? Our Nastia Liukin Preschool Training Bar will lure your gymnasts like candy and have them swinging seconds after it’s assembled. It’s super stable, with adjustable heights and we suggest using one of our 4′ wide mats beneath it. Unless your kid never falls. Ever. (Use a mat.)