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More Glory, Less Guilt

More Glory, Less Guilt

Posted by admin on May 23rd 2017

Did you know that purchasing some tough, EVA floor mats for your home gym (that maybe you have yet to create) can actually save you from embarrassment? It’s true! How many times have you lamented that you haven’t been to the gym in ___ days? That little confession is always accompanied by a bit of guilt and not a little embarrassment. But you’ve got this: the solution is right in front of you! In an incredibly affordable move, you can begin to build your own home gym, starting with the floor mats that will help ensure a regular routine!

Home gym flooring might not seem like the sexiest place to start when you’re building your gym, but it’s definitely the first thing you need to consider. If you begin with anti-fatigue, shock-absorbing flooring, like our 3/4″ EVA foam mats, you’ll have the confidence to do just about any workout routine on them, knowing you don’t risk injury from slipping on a concrete floor, or heck, getting rug burn from working out on the living room carpet. With thick mats underneath you and your equipment, not only are you safe, but so are your floors if you plan to use heavy equipment like machines or free weights.

With your home workout space properly floored with EVA foam or even professional gym-quality rubber flooring, you’re ready to start adding equipment, doing your floor work, and getting buff, all without leaving the house. It’ll be your little secret: you lose weight, tone up, look fantastic, and then tell your friends and co-workers that you haven’t been to the gym in months! How much is this going to cost you? Well, we can’t know for sure what equipment you plan to bring in, but the flooring? If you want just enough space for a workout that doesn’t need more than 48 square feet of space? Less than a hundred bucks. Want to do a whole room? It’s still going to cost less than an annual gym membership. And you won’t have to wait for the machine hog to get off the piece of equipment you want to use. Have we sold you yet??

EVA foam and rubber flooring mats are the best way to launch the opening of your new home gym. No one said you have to invite anyone to the grand opening, but the results of your new home workout routine will be hard to hide, so be prepared to give tours and claim bragging rights!