Meet Demanding Daycare Standards With EVA Play Mats

Meet Demanding Daycare Standards With EVA Play Mats

Posted by admin on Aug 5th 2016

If you’re a really good working parent, you probably had a hard time choosing a daycare facility for your little ones. You had to find a place that would feel like a second home to your child, one that would be safe, nurturing, entertaining, and educational. That’s a tough bill for a daycare facility to fill, but if they want your business, that’s what they’re up against. Fortunately for you, your child, and the daycare provider, We Sell Mats has a product that makes the whole daycare environment a little safer and more hygienic: EVA flooring mats.

EVA foam flooring mats do so many things to make the daycare facility more attractive to parents like you. First of all, they’re easy to install and very affordable, so they shouldn’t increase your fees! If a single tile becomes damaged, it just gets replaced, rather than replacing the entire floor, as if it were carpet. Secondly, they’re so shock absorbent, that a little tumble or fall doesn’t result in tears and band-aids. The kids will find them firm enough to play on, but soft enough to be comfortable during all the time they spend on the floor. Are you hooked yet? Wait, there’s more!

Carpet might be fine at home, but EVA foam play mats in the daycare setting won’t hold dirt, allergens, or dander. And with dozens of little feet, hands, and knees on them all day, you’re bound to have plenty of dirt and germs. EVA mats clean quickly and easily with a broom or suction-only vacuum, then can be mopped with a little mild detergent in water at the end of the day. In the morning, they’re clean as new and ready for another round with the kids.

For the daycare provider’s peace of mind, the EVA mats won’t absorb water or spills, either. grape juice and peanut butter crackers are no match for EVA. Bring it.

EVA mats are a great addition to any daycare setting. If yours doesn’t have them, might be time as a parent to make the suggestion. Or if you run the daycare, make an improvement that will impress the parent and make the kids safer. How easy is that?!