Mats Make the Retail Difference

Mats Make the Retail Difference

Posted by admin on Nov 5th 2015

When you’re competing against the Big Box Stores and other national chains, you can get a little battle fatigued. Small business owners have to tighten their belts far too often to stay competitive in the retail world. How can you do that on a daily basis and still be an attractive alternative to warehouses piled high with ridiculously low-priced products? Well, in some cases, the problem is the solution.

Because small businesses can and must focus on ambience and customer care to retain and attract their customers, their stores are much nicer places to be. Now, when a customer walks in your store, what’s the first thing they notice? Well, if we have anything to say about it, it’s going to be your floor. A soft, supportive, elegant floor is going to not only catch the eye, but impart a sensation of comfort and welcome. You certainly don’t get that at a warehouse store.

One of the best flooring applications for small stores is our wood grain mats. They look like hardwood floors, but oh, the difference! They make a room instantly warmer in terms of its feel, and make customers and employees alike feel welcome, appreciated, and cared for. And yes, the mats truly do make a difference for employees. If you’ve ever spent 8 hours on your feet on a tile, wood, or concrete floor, you know how loudly your joints can scream. With just a little EVA foam between you and the floor, your feet and lower back will still feel good at the end of the day – the time when a refreshed employee can still make a sale if she’s feeling great!

Classy, soft, easily maintained wood grain mats can give your small business just enough of an edge to be competitive. They could easily be the difference between a good winter retail season and a fantastic one, a year where you just squeak by and one where you soar!