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Mats in the Classroom

Recently, a young first-time mother said she had just been named "room mother" - for her five month-old's daycare classroom. If memory serves, room mothers did things like help decorate for parties, bring candy corn for the Thanksgiving celebration, and organize the Secret Santas. What in the world could a room mother for a 5 month-old possibly do??Well, for one thing, she can make sure the environment in the daycare is safe and comfortable for all the kids. Let's start (and end!) with the place little ones spend the most time: the floor.

Whether from colliding with each other, tripping over their own feet, or tumbling off a chair, toddlers spend more time on the floor than any other age group. So in that daycare or classroom setting, doesn't it make sense to have the floor covered in a a soft, supportive covering that cleans up easily? Of course it does! When it's story time, a good EVA foam flooring system will cushion little rear ends but keep them in place (with no enticing carpet yarns to pluck at). At recess or free time, it provides a sturdy, water-resistant surface for play that can be easily cleaned with a little water and a mop. And if the assigned play area needs to be relocated, our foam mats come apart easily and are transported and reassembled in a snap. Literally. Their interlocking tabs fit together like puzzle pieces and can be reassembled quickly as many times as you require.

We have several types of mats to meet different classroom needs. Our heavy duty rubber mats and PVC tiles can be employed in a more permanent setting. For a more playful, light-use setting our colorful foam mats and ABC 123 mats are an excellent choice. Story or nap time might be made a little more comfortable with out carpet top foam mats.

Advice for the room mother or the daycare dad? Start from the bottom up. Give them a good surface, a solid foundation, and they'll thrive. Hmmm....a lot like parenting!

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