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Martial Arts vs The Red Carpet

Martial Arts vs The Red Carpet

Posted by admin on Mar 5th 2018

If you’re one of those athletes who’d rather see some action on some martial arts mats instead of the red carpet, last night probably wasn’t your best tv viewing time. Though, truth be told, there were some pretty memorable take-downs during the awards show…but we digress. Watching truly masterful martial artists is a thing of beauty, an exhibition of some of the finest discipline and athleticism you can find. And you want to be one. So let’s get you set up with your own martial arts studio right in your very own home.

A home martial arts studio begins with some of those martial arts mats like the ones used in your dojo or gym. They’re textured, sort of ribbed, so your hands and feet get the maximum traction available. With our Tatami finish martial arts mats, the surface area available for gripping is increased, so your forms, throws, and take-downs are secure from the moment you plan to launch. When you don’t have to worry about slipping, your confidence and mastery increase, and your progress advances a lot faster.

The thickness of the martial arts mats you choose for your home studio will depend on the type of martial arts you want to practice on them. Sometimes, you want the most padding available. Our 1″ thick martial arts mats offer this along with the Tatami finish. Thick mats are great if you or an opponent will be hitting the ground pretty hard. But they’re also the right choice if kids are going to be practicing on them. Safety first, people.

We have two other thicknesses available in our Tatami finish martial arts mats, so if the maximum padding seems like it might be too much for you and your workout style, you can choose a safe, high-traction martial arts mat that still offers a shock-absorbing surface, but doesn’t get in the way of what you want to do.

A home martial arts studio doesn’t have to be huge, either, which means you only purchase as many martial arts mats as you need for the space you have. It’s possible to get a really good practice in at home in just a few square feet. Even if you can’t do competition-style practice at home, you can still practice any time you choose; then when you’re back at the studio or gym, you’ve already made headway in the interim. There’s really no reason not to have even a small space at home dedicated to your martial arts practice.

If you’d rather spend your time practicing on your martial arts mats instead of listening to acceptance speeches, we hear you. Measure your space, choose your thickness and color, then order your mats. We’re here to help if you have any questions.