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Martial Arts Training on Mats

Posted by admin on Feb 27th 2015

Research has shown that the grunts and “hi-yah’s” the martial artists and athletes of the world are so familiar with cause a physical reaction in the body that allows it to exert more force (up to an additional 10%, actually). These vocalizations are a wonderful mechanism that makes us stronger when we need it most. But, of course, any effective move made in martial arts will cause that equal, opposite reaction, and if your footing isn’t good, there’s not a noise in the human vocal range that can compensate. You’ll lose power, which is one thing in the dojo, but it’s potentially hazardous to your health if your martial arts skills are ever put to the test in a self-defense situation. “But however can I improve my footing?” you ask. We’ve got a solution. Can you guess what it is?

We’re not really that subtle, are we? Our martial arts exercise mats are designed with that specific purpose in mind – our standard EVA is great for a lot of situations, but a martial arts mat should be designed to give you the underfoot support that will allow proper form and effective practice of martial arts while at the same time allowing soft landings if needed, as well as easy cleanup and the other features that make our EVA mats and other options as popular as they are.

Of course if you ever get into a dicey situation out in the big, bad world, it’s unlikely our mats can help you (unless you fashion them into some kind of body armor or shield, as cosplayers have been known to do with EVA), but if you want to practice to be prepared for those kinds of situations, whether it’s in your own home or a gym or dojo, our martial arts mats are the best option around. As you know, we’re kind of the authority on floor mats, so if you’ve got any questions about the martial arts mats, EVA mats or anything else we carry, don’t hesitate to contact us!