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Martial Arts Supplies

Posted by admin on Jan 19th 2013

Martial Arts Supplies

Martial arts supplies: uniforms, belts, gloves… EVA foam flooring? Yes! No martial arts fighter’s equipment is complete without proper flooring beneath his feet. EVA foam flooring supports and protects while looking great and remaining durable and customizable.

The best martial arts supplies for protection are EVA foam mats. Their cushioned surface prevents injuries from falls, allowing you to get back up and keep fighting. The flip-flop-like material of EVA Foam is easy on joints, letting you compete in top form. Their special ribbed Tatami finish will keep your feet in place, so an unexpected slip doesn’t stand in the way of your victory.

Great uniforms aren’t the only martial arts supplies that show your style. EVA foam martial arts flooring comes in a traditional array of colors and thicknesses, letting you customize your dojo, gym, or home workout space. Mats are interlocking, so you can cover as much or as little of your space as you’d like and they can also be easily stored and transported.

You expect your martial arts supplies to last, so EVA foam mats are strong and durable. Tough so they won’t rip, and water-resistant for easy cleaning, they will keep their supportive cushiony texture and their bright colors for as long as you’re ready to head back into the ring.

When shopping for martial arts supplies, don’t forget your floors. What’s under your feet can make all the difference in the crucial moments. EVA foam flooring won’t disappoint. For the best quality and the best injury protection, invest in EVA foam martial arts mats for your gym.

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