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Martial Arts Floors

Martial Arts Floors

Looking for a simple solution to setting up martial arts floors? We’ve got it! Check out our tatami martial arts mats in thicknesses of 1/2" and 3/4"! With jigsaw-style interlocking notches, it's easy to cover a floor with them, and just as easy to pack them back up for transportation. They’re durable, but not unforgiving when a fighter takes a fall on them. Don't take our word for it, order a free sample so you can examine the way they feel for yourself!

Martial arts floors should have a very particular structure. They've got to be sturdy enough to give solid footing to whomever steps on them, but they've also got to be soft enough that when somebody goes down, it doesn't cause any injury. Sure, you can get a nice, squishy foam mat so it’s like falling on your mattress, but it’s going to be so spongy that you’ll wear yourself out with the extra effort of pushing off the flooring. Of course, you obviously don’t want to go the opposite route and just use your carpeting or hard floor, because getting taken to the ground on that is going to hurt like crazy at the very best. A specially-designed martial arts mat is the ideal balance between give and push. is ready to help you get your martial arts floors installed so you can get straight into action. While these are very easy to install on their own, if you’ve got questions about installation (or anything else at all!) we’ve got some of the most knowledgeable and friendly customer service you’ll ever find. On top of that, our Facebook fans get a 5% discount on all orders! They’re also the first to know when we have other promotions, so give us a like, and you’ll be able to save on all our great products!

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