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Martial Arts Flooring for Beginner and Expert Alike

It might not seem like much of a consideration, but the right (or wrong) martial arts floor covering can have a huge impact on the success of your training. Our EVA foam mats provide superior grip and support, cushioning landings and falls, and yet are the most versatile martial arts mats you will find available online or in stores. One of the first things a good instructor will teach is how to fall. An injury from an improperly executed move or an unnecessary fall can set you back weeks or even longer in your training, so learning how to hit the floor safely is huge. Even the best will go down once in awhile, but our EVA foam mats can help to protect you from injury when you do have to fall. Our mats come in 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses and Tatami ribbing to ensure solid grip. We recommend the thicker mats for beginners for obvious reasons!

A thick floor mat also has the added benefit of allowing you to train longer and make your workout more enjoyable because it absorbs much of the shock of impact and normal stress of exercise. Our martial arts mats are also extremely easy to install, with interlocking tabs and finished edges. Whether your needs are for a home work out area or in a gym or other facility, our mats will assemble quickly, be easy to maintain (a little water and a mop), and can be transported will very little effort.

Confidence is the key. Confidence that your feet will stay balanced and can grip the floor soundly. Confidence that both you and your opponent are safer from injury with martial arts mats under your feet. Confidence that you're in a secure training space. With this kind of confidence, your martial arts workout is sure to produce a lean physique, muscular frame, and strong presence. Our mats can provide you with a foundation for confidence and a lifetime of challenging workouts.

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