Martial Arts Floor Tiles

Posted by admin on Feb 22nd 2013

Martial Arts Floor Tiles

Martial arts floor tiles make outfitting your gym a snap—literally. Interlocking EVA foam floor mats are easy to install and can be customized to whatever shape you need. When considering flooring options for your martial arts studio, EVA foam martial arts floor tiles should be at the top of your list. Easy installation, painless upkeep, superior grip, and excellent padding make We Sell Mats’s EVA foam flooring mats the best choice for martial arts tiling.

EVA foam martial arts floor tiles work like puzzle pieces. Simply lock the mats together to make whatever configuration you need. Small and large areas can be covered with martial arts floor tiles. Taking up mats is as easy as putting them down. EVA foam mats can be stored compactly and even transported for competitions or demonstrations.

We Sell Mat’s martial arts floor tiles look great and will stay looking great for years to come. The resilient material keeps its color and padding. EVA foam is water resistant so it can be cleaned and disinfected, which is great for flooring in a sweaty gym. Tiles are free of any harmful chemicals, so repeated exposure is not a worry.

EVA foam martial arts floor tiles offer the best protection and cushioning on the market. Their ribbed Tatami surface gives your feet great grip to avoid slips and falls. If you do tumble in the ring, the foam padding will prevent bumps and bruises. For the best looks, easiest upkeep, and superior gym safety, choose EVA foam mats as your martial arts flooring.