Martial Arts Floor Mats

Posted by admin on Jan 24th 2013

Martial Arts Floor Mats

If you practice Karate, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, or even Boxing, martial arts floor mats are key ingredients to success and injury prevention. However, martial arts mats are extremely difficult to find in stores, so we recommend buying martial arts floor mats online (at We Sell Mats, of course!). Since we specialize in flooring mats, we understand your needs and work to bring you the very best flooring solutions for your home gym or small business.

Whether you’re looking for martial arts floor mats for at-home practice or installation at a business, We Sell Mats offers a great selection to choose from, at prices lower than our competitors. Martial arts mats are an important investment, since they help you retain stability and control while protecting you from injury. Our tough martial arts mats are coated with Tatami finish, a special material specifically designed for martial arts practice.

In a standard 24-square-foot pack of our martial arts floor mats, you’ll receive six interlocking mats, measuring two feet by two feet each. These mats interlock to seamlessly cover your existing floors, and you’ll get ten pieces of edging so the mats sit flush against the wall. In all, this gives you twenty-four square feet of martial arts flooring. If you’d like to cover an area slightly smaller or larger than this, you can purchase single tiles or 100-square-foot packs. With our handy calculator on our website, you can find out exactly how many tiles you’ll need to buy to complete your room!

Our martial arts floor mats come in two thicknesses. We recommend half-inch mats to martial arts experts who rarely need a cushioned surface to fall on. However, if you’re a beginner or intermediate martial artist, we suggest the thicker three-fourths-inch mats to prevent injuries from the impact of falling. Both styles come in red, blue, gray, or black.

If you’re still not convinced that our martial arts floor mats are right for you, consider ordering a free sample to see for yourself! For just the price of shipping, you’ll be able to test this flooring and decide whether it suits your martial arts needs. Champions and Black Belts love our Tatami martial arts mats, and we think you’ll love them too.

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