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Martial Arts at Home

Posted by admin on Feb 2nd 2018

Transforming a room in your home into your very own martial arts studio is easy and affordable when you begin with some of our Jumbo Martial Arts mats. The tiles are 40″ square, so they cover more area faster and with fewer seams. You can do the installation yourself, and in mere minutes, your new martial arts studio is ready for a good workout.

Jumbo Tatami finish martial arts mats are the perfect foundation for your home martial arts practice. They are made of EVA foam, like our other mats, so they’re shock-absorbing and anti-fatigue. This material allows you the ability to get up when you’ve gone down, a must for the martial artist, and helps keep your practice going as long as you want it to. With proper instruction and the right flooring, your home martial arts practice can actually help accelerate your progress in a very short time.

The Tatami finish on the Jumbo martial arts mats is the same finish on all our martial arts mats. It mimics the rice straw mat texture of the mats used in homes and martial arts practice of long ago. But of course it’s the surface of a 3/4″ foam mat, not a rice straw mat and you’ll appreciate the difference! The ribbed surface allows for more traction and grip than you’d get from a smooth surface, so you’ll find your forms and attacks have a more solid position when they’re launched.

The larger coverage area provided by the Jumbo martial arts mats means you’ll need fewer mats to cover that space in your home. This is perfect when you’ve decided to go wall-to-wall for your practice area. With fewer seams, your new studio will be covered more quickly and allow less opportunity for slipping. We always recommend the use of carpet tape in the underside of the mats to help prevent slipping, and with fewer seams, well, there’s fewer opportunities for that mishap to occur.

Going full-martial arts studio has never been easier than with Jumbo martial arts mats. Measure your space, choose a color, then order your mats. In just a few days, you’ll be on your way to the best home martial arts studio you could ever have imagined.