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Making Daycare a Little Easier

Want to make your job as a daycare provider a little easier? You didn't think that was possible, did you?! How about this: you impress parents more, you worry about boo-boos less, and maintaining your facility gets easier. Sound too good to be true? Read on!

EVA foam mats are just about the single most helpful addition a daycare facility can make, whether it's in a commercial setting or in a home. When you rent or buy a facility to open a daycare, chances are, the floors are nothing more than a concrete pad with some tiles on top. This is no floor for a daycare, so you have to shell out big bucks to make it safe, right? Wrong! EVA foam mats are the perfect solution to concrete floors for several reasons. First, you don't need a professional to install them. They have interlocking tabs, like a puzzle, so you can snap them in place in a matter of minutes. Secondly, unlike commercial carpet, they won't absorb water or stains, so they'll stay looking great for years to come. Thirdly, if a tile gets damaged, you don't have to replace the whole floor. Just take out the damaged tile and replace with a new one! And clean-up? Couldn't be easier - sweep or suction vacuum off any debris, then mop with a little mild detergent in water and let the mats air dry. You can't do that with carpet. And with 3/8" or more of padding, you won't have to worry that every tumble will result in crocodile tears or a trip to the urgent care.

In your home daycare setting, the EVA mats are perfect for all the reasons above, with one addition: because you can order only as many as you need, you can configure just about any space in your home to become the designated play area. You can use the mats for wall-to-wall applications or create islands with straight edges if your area doesn't require wall-to-wall coverage. You'll have the mats down in no time, and when and if your configuration needs change, all you have to do is take the mats up and put them back where you want them.

We make daycare easier with EVA foam mats. You do the hard part and we want to make your job a little easier. Check out all our EVA foam mats, choose the one that suits your needs, and order today!

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