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Make Their Eyes Bug Out with a Gymnastics Kit

I was recently in a grocery store that has 3/8" EVA foam mats behind the counter for the comfort of its employees. A little girl was shopping with her mother and mentioned her interest in gymnastics. I pointed out the mats behind the counter and said, "The people who make these mats also make gymnastics mats. Do you have one at home?" Her eyes bugged out of her head.

After telling her about We Sell Mats' tumbling mats, balance beams, and incline mats, she promptly tackled her mother at the cash register and said, "Mom! Mom! I can get gymnastics stuff for AT HOME!" It's true. You can get the range of gymnastics equipment for your little gymnast to practice on in safety in your own home. If that mother gets even a single piece of gymnastics equipment for her daughter from We Sell Mats, she will forever be a hero in her daughter's eyes.

Our gymnastics kits are the easiest way to get everything your budding elite athlete needs. Sturdy but shock-absorbent tumbling mats that fold for easy storage and can connect to each other with hook and loop fasteners are just the beginning. They're a must for any child wanting to practice at home, because the living room carpet or the backyard grass are just not made for balk walkovers. One slip or fall, and it's a potential trip to the ER. Ain't nobody got time for that. Tumbling mats allow your child to practice what she's learned in class in the safety and supportive environment of her own home. You can keep an eye on things while knowing she's got some serious padding beneath her if anything should go wrong.

The little girl in the store said that the beam was probably her favorite apparatus and she was thrilled beyond words to learn that We Sell Mats has practice beams for household use. Our beams are padded, covered in competition-like fabric, but sit low enough to the ground to keep the young gymnasts safe while they practice.

The incline mats, or cheese mats, are also a great help to young tumblers and gymnasts. Depending on the size of the mat purchased, little tumblers can practice forward rolls and gross motor control, or older gymnasts can practice balk walkovers and bridges. The mats are sturdy, of varying heights, and some fold in half for easy storage.

With a gymnastics kit under your belt, you're on your way to being Parent of the Century. What are you waiting for??

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