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Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mats

Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mats

Posted by admin on Sep 30th 2016

Have you seen our Jovian Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mat? Oh, you’ve got to see it! If you had young tumblers or gymnasts glued to the TV this past summer, this will be the gift of a lifetime for them! Red, white, and blue colors with our 4’x8′ solid core help you and your gymnast relive the 2016 summer over and over!

When we say, “Limited Edition Tumbling Mat,” we mean it! Only a few are available so don’t wait to order yours today. It will ship in plenty of time for the holidays and you’ll be the greatest parent or grandparent ever when they open their very own Olympic-style tumbling mat. No quality has been compromised here – this is a 2″ thick mat with lots of room in length and width. It has hook and loop fasteners that are compatible with our other 4’x8′ tumbling mats when you need to extend the tumbling space. The professional-grade covering will clean easily and last a lifetime. Seams are stitched with expert skill, and the panels fold just like our other mats for easy storage.

The end of the Jovian Limited Edition USA 2016 Tumbling Mat boasts graphics reminiscent of the performances by American gymnasts this summer. A flaming torch in the center of the graphic will inspire your gymnast every time she steps on the mat to practice hard and reach for her dreams. There will only be a few such mats available in the US, so your child can have something very unique to encourage and support him during home practice. What better way to encourage your child than providing a way for them to bring home what they learn at the gym?

If you have questions about the Jovian tumbling mat or need help ordering, give our customer service folks a call. They’re so good, they should have been on a podium this summer in Rio. Seriously, they know everything there is to know about our products and will be happy to help you get what you need and be there when you have questions.