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Let's Talk Gymnastics Mats

You've heard us go on and on about our tumbling mats because, well, they're sort of awesome. Now let us introduce you to some unsung heroes of the gymnastics mat world: the 4'x4' sectional mat and the can't-live-without crash pads.

Our 4'x4' sectional mats are 1 1/2" thick and perfect for gym use. Each side has hook and loop fasteners so you can easily create a larger, secure area on which to practice. These lightweight, easily stackable mats come in four colors so you can even have fun creating patterns for your practice area. The core is that reliable Crosslink Polyethylene foam that absorbs shock while still providing firm footing. The 18 oz. vinyl covering is competition quality so you don't need to be concerned about rips or seam tears. They can easily be cleaned with nothing more than water and a rag or mop, or, if you want to give them a thorough cleaning, just put a little mild detergent in the water first. These work great for play rooms, daycare facilities, and gyms. And they're super affordable so you won't go broke protecting your kids.

In terms of offering the maximum protection when it's needed, take a look at our potentially life-saving crash pads. These offer the most padding you'll ever need and are competition grade quality. They come in three colors, and five different sizes. You can get the smallest mat with the minimum padding with our 4'x6' crash pad. At 2" of thickness, this offers a little more padding than the sectional mat and with greater length. And they just get bigger and better from there. Our 4'x8' pads are longer and with thicknesses of 2", 8", and 12". The sponge core in all the crash pads will absorb mishaps and landings to keep the gymnasts on their feet. Each mat has handles on the sides for convenient transportation.

Crash pads are great for home or gym use and you can't beat the sectional mats for a growing practice area. Gymnastics mats are the pride and joy of We Sell Mats and we are certain when you use them, you'll understand why.

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