Kids Playroom Activity Ideas

Posted by admin on Jan 11th 2014

Kids Playroom Activity Ideas

Setting up a playroom can require some inspiration, so here are some ideas to make sure your kids will have lots of exciting things to do. Some of these are more appropriate for older vs. younger children, so pick and choose what works best for you and your family.

  • An arts and craft table is a fun idea for your playroom. Lay out construction paper with crayons, colored pencils, paint, markers, stickers, stamps… you get the idea. You can even have a painting easel. This is a great way for your children to use their imagination.
  • A play kitchen set is always a great time for kids in their playroom, especially young girls. There are lots of games to play toy pots, pans and food. Brand-new play kitchens can often be expensive, but you can usually find a bargain on like-new play kitchens by searching on Craigslist or even local consignment stores.
  • Lay out a mat or a table in the playroom for Lego or Lincoln logs. Say… EVA Foam Mats might make a nice surface ;c)
  • Have a comfy chair or bean bags with a book shelf for a cozy reading area in the playroom. Your kids can either read on their own or you can have story time together.
  • Create a space or use available closet storage in the playroom for board games that your kids can play together, with friends or as a family.
  • A train or race car set is always a great playroom idea for kids. They get to build tracks of their own and collect different race cars.
  • Have a doll house with lots of dolls and accessories for the playroom.
  • Even simple toys such as balls, stuffed animals and cardboard boxes are great ideas for your kid and their imagination.
  • Have a box or chest in the playroom to put all of your children’s old Halloween costumes, or even clothing and jewelry of your own you no longer wear so they can play dress up.

As you can see, the playroom ideas are endless and the ones you may choose from this list or come up with on your own all depend on your children’s particular interests. No matter what you decide, your kids will always have a great time!

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