Kids and EVA Foam

Kids and EVA Foam

Posted by admin on Oct 3rd 2016

We recently received a review from one of our customers raving about our mats in her classroom. She taught a kindergarten class and replaced her story-time rug with our EVA foam mats. The size was perfect – one to a kid – and they’ve found other creative uses for them, too. What can EVA mats do for your work with children?

Classrooms are only one place our EVA mats make a connection with kids. Home and institutional daycares love our mats, too. For a home daycare situation, the mats can come out early in the morning and be put away at night, so the family can have their home back. Or if there’s a designated space for the daycare, the mats can stay out. They’re easy to clean – just sweep off and use a wet rag on spots or mop with a little mild detergent in water. The mats air dry and are like new for the next day. In larger daycare settings, the care of the mats is the same, though some caregivers like to wipe them down with disinfectant each day. And if you have enough mats, you can leave some in their standard configuration on the floor and use the rest for play. The imaginations really jump out at you when you give a kid an interlocking piece of foam. Forts, pet houses, race tracks; the end to their imaginative use is nowhere in sight!

Adults who work with children in therapy settings find the mats comfortable for the kids, with an interesting texture and flexibility to be whatever the child needs, whether it’s just a soft place for physical therapy or a tool for behavioral work. The mats can also be affixed to walls (a more complicated installation) for rooms where children with special needs will be playing.

Obviously the playroom is another setting where EVA foam mats can make a difference. If your playroom is in the basement, like many, you worry about the kids getting hurt on the concrete floor. With EVA foam mats over the concrete, slips and falls will be padded just enough so the kids play safer. If you have to incorporate your play space into your home, you can choose from our wood grain selection to see if something matches your existing decor. It’s still EVA foam, but looks like wood!

Kids and EVA foam mats are a perfect fit, just like the mats themselves. Pick out a color or a wood grain or carpet finish and let the fun (and safety) begin!