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Kicking the Room Up a Notch

You'd like to do something to make the living or family room look a little nicer. Maybe some new furniture, a paint job, the floors. Hmm. The floors. Now that would really change the look, wouldn't it? What do you think - hardwood? A plush carpeting? Ceramic tile? If you're considering a small, say 12x12 space, it could cost you upwards of $1000 to do any of these options. But for a mere $165, you could install your own wood grain foam mat flooring system and be enjoying the comfort and warmth of faux wood grain flooring in a matter of a few hours. Ask yourself what you want in a floor - something pleasant to walk on, maybe in bare feet; something that's going to look nice, rather eye-catching; something that blends with the look you already have or that's versatile enough to work with a new look you might create; maybe even something that's easy to maintain (got kids??). Our faux wood grain floor mats are the perfect solution to these criteria.

Because the mats are made from 3/8" EVA foam, they are soft, cushioning, and pleasant to walk on. And no splinters - it only looks like real wood! Take off your shoes and socks and try it out! The wood grain finish is done so well, you'd swear you were looking at a professionally installed hardwood floor, but really it's a mat system that took you just a couple of hours to throw down. No adhesive or professional installation necessary.

An attractive wood grain can stand by itself or be a subtle frame for a beautiful area rug. And of course it's easy to clean up. Spills disappear with just a little water and a rag or mop. You never need to use harsh chemicals on the mats. If you happen to have major water damage to the room, simply take the mats up, dry them out, and reinstall them after the subfloor is dry again. How's that for a versatile floor??

If you're not sure wood grain is the way to go, give us a call and let us send you a free sample. We're positive you're going to love the look, feel, and price of wood grain mats to take your living space to the next level.

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