Judo, Karate, Even BJJ - At Home!

Judo, Karate, Even BJJ - At Home!

Posted by admin on Dec 22nd 2015

Martial arts mats aren’t just for the gym. If you’ve ever tried to do a workout on the carpet in your bedroom, you know what a martial arts rug burn is like. And you never want another. Instead of limiting your practice to the gym or studio, grab a set of our martial arts mats and create your very own martial arts studio at home!

If you’re just beginning a martial arts practice, or if your practice space is going to be used by kids, we suggest our 3/4″ or 1/2″ martial arts mats. They give you a little extra padding and can do the best job of protecting the younger ones as they get used to spending time on the mats, often flat on their backs! For adults, the thicker mats help extend your workout time simply by being the shock-absorbing superhero. The workout goes a little easier on your joints so you don’t have to worry about discomfort or injury interrupting or terminating your workout before you’re ready to be done.

What makes our martial arts mats so great for home use? Well for starters, you can install them yourself! No need for professional installation. Measure your space, order exactly what you need, and put them down quickly and easily on any flat surface. They lock together tightly with puzzle-piece tabs and are able to be taken up and rearranged as often as you want. Some of our customers find it helpful to add carpet tape to the backside of the mats to help keep them together during more high-impact workouts.

Our Tatami finish martial arts mats are also textured like the original grass Tatami mats so you can be sure your grip will be there when it’s needed. But of course, our Tatami mats offer a little more padding than the original grass mats! The unique finish is definitely an eye-catcher, too. In black, red, blue, or gray, these mats are sure to look the part in your home.

Cleaning your martial arts mats is just as easy as sweeping and mopping. A little mild detergent in some water is all you’ll need to keep the mats clean and in great shape. It’s easy to get your arts on at home with our outstanding Tatami finish martial arts mats. What are you waiting for?