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Indoor Play Spaces

Defining indoor play spaces is often not as easy as saying, "Go play in your room." Sometimes indoor play areas are in waiting rooms, libraries, shopping centers, and daycare facilities. Identifying a specific and safe place to play is the first step to ensuring a healthy play experience for kids, and we have just the thing to help you do it.We Sell Mats is known for our top-quality, easy to assemble, low-maintenance, attractive foam mats. What you might not know about them is the layer of safety they provide underneath your kids while they play. A mere 3/8" to 3/4" of EVA foam under the kiddos' while they play can make the difference between squeals of happiness and tears of bumps and bruises.

Save yourself the trouble of paying for padding, installation, and frequent maintenance on flooring. You know the play areas are going to be getting some seriously heavy-duty traffic (have you seen the marks those plastic riding tractor wheels make?!), so it's in your interest and that of your wallet to make sure the play area is easy to put down, clean, and take up again when necessary. Church basements or fellowship halls are great places to throw down a few squares of EVA foam for kids to play when there isn't a nursery handy. Doctors' and hospitals' waiting areas can be kept cleaner and safer for patients with a designated play area for kids. Libraries can keep the sound of the children's section muted with the addition of some foam mats, and your daycare facility could add some protection to the play areas with just a few squares of attractive ABC/123 mats.

Lots of applications, lots of EVA foam tile choices. Play areas should be safe and fun, and We Sell Mats aims to help you create these spaces wherever you see the need. Give us a call and we'll help you determine the best kind of mats for the spaces you have in mind.

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