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Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!

Posted by admin on Jun 26th 2015

Girls on incline mats

The USA Gymnastics Championships are in full swing! If you have budding gymnasts, they are likely glued to the screen watching the graceful, strong, and athletic performers do almost unbelievable routines. Now is the time to take advantage of your child’s interest in gymnastics and get them on the road to a lifetime of movement and fitness! 

One of the best ways to engage a child is through play, and our incline mats are about as playful as it gets without being a puppy. Let the kids run up the mats and launch themselves into the air, or roll down the mats like a log or a bowling ball – doesn’t matter. They’re moving and they’re having fun. What’s more, they’re becoming familiar with a common gymnastics apparatus. With an incline mat in the house or occasionally in the backyard, kids can practice what they learn at the gymnastics studio without compromising their safety.

For the really little guys, take a look at our Juvenile Incline Mats. These solid core, heavy-duty vinyl covered incline mats will outlast whatever your little one can throw at them (within reason). They’re not so high as to be scary, but high enough to still be fun and provide the angle of incline necessary for learning tumbling. For gymnasts 6 years old and older, we recommend our gym and home use incline mats. These mats come in three different sizes so you can choose the one that’s best for your gymnast. And finally, for accomplished gymnasts in a gym setting, there’s our Competition Incline Mats. These are essentially super-sized incline mats requiring much more space than most homes can afford. But these are the real deal for the serious gymnast.

Incline mats can be a lot of fun for toddlers and small kids, since “that’s how they roll.” But for teaching flips in safety and confidence to older students, you can’t beat the larger sizes. If you’re not sure which size would be best for your child or setting, give us a call. We’re kind of experts in the mat field and we love to help our customers get exactly what they need!