Improving Business With Wood Grain and Carpet Top Mats

Posted by admin on Feb 18th 2015

You’ve made improvements to your business to increase activity – maybe changed the lighting so products look better or made a waiting area more comfortable for clients and customers. As a business owner always on the hunt for the next best thing for your business, we would remind you that in addition to your products and services, your customers’ experience in the purchasing event will have a lot to do with how your bottom line looks.Now, not to toot our own horn here, but we know whereof we speak. Our customer service folks are the best in the business. We know how to keep customers satisfied with the product and the service that comes with it. Check out our Facebook page and you’ll read lots and lots of super-positive customer comments. How is your business doing with customer service?

You might think of customer service as the way a clerk handles a phone call, or how a complaint is fielded. But we suggest it begins before a product or service is even purchased. When a customer walks into your establishment, what do they feel? If you have our warmly-toned wood grain mats on the floor, the classy appearance instantly makes a customer feel like they’re in an upscale shop. They’ll notice or perhaps just feel like you thought they were worth the extra effort of a soft, comfortable, and attractive floor. Maybe they walk in and are greeted by a carpet top color-coordinated floor, blending seamlessly with your business logo and colors. Very sophisticated. And that’s where customer service begins.

We’re pretty sure you’ve got the phone calls, friendly smiles, and thorough follow-up service down pat, but a word of advice: a welcoming environment is the first step toward a great customer experience. Wood grain and carpet top mats can’t be beat!