Improve Your Home Practice With Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats

Improve Your Home Practice With Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats

Posted by admin on Jul 29th 2017

Martial arts mats are in wide use: schools, homes, and obviously martial arts studios. How would your practice benefit from the addition of some martial arts mats? So glad you asked.

If want to practice the skills you learn at the studio in the comfort of your own home, martial arts mats are a must. There’s just no way around it. If your studio and instructor have you practicing on a supportive, textured martial arts mats, why in the world wouldn’t you take that precaution in your own home? Think you can’t afford them? We’re happy to report that martial arts mats, no matter the thickness or size, are very affordable here at We Sell Mats. See, unlike some other mats, you only need to buy as many as you need to cover the space you want to surface. If you only have a little area, like a corner of the basement, just get a few mats. If you plan to do half the garage or a whole room, measure it out and order what you need. Totally affordable.

Once you’ve received the martial arts mats (we ship super fast), installing them is easy and done relatively quickly. One customer posted a review of his installation that took mere minutes. He was using our Jumbo martial arts mats, so of course more space was covered faster. But the point is, with their interlocking tabs on all four sides, the mats connect to each other quickly, snugly, and with a seamless look. We always recommend putting carpet tape on the underside of the mats for extra security – slippage is no fun, so if you’re throwing, you’ll want a surface that stays put. The mats stay together well, but the addition of carpet tape is just extra protection.

So which of our affordable line of martial arts mats are you going to choose? It can be a fairly easy question to answer. First take an honest look at your level of mastery. If you’re fairly new to martial arts, you might want to start with our 3/4″ tatami finish mats. This is the middle fiddle in terms of thickness. You still have support and texture, but with just a bit more padding. If you’re a seasoned martial artist, you may prefer the 1/2″ mats for a more connected feel of the ground. These still provide protection, but allow a greater sense of balance. If you want the benefit of maximum padding (especially if there’s a chance kids may be using the mats, you can’t go wrong with our 1″ thick martial arts mats.

Martial arts mats aren’t uncommon in home practices, but maybe this is a first for you. Do yourself and your practice a favor and get the martial arts mats that are going to fit your space, your budget, and your practice.