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If Captain America Used Foam Mats...

Captain America Shield

The superheroes of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and its preceding films and TV shows continue to inspire a generation of martial artists, but until we turn regular folks into Captain Americas or Quicksilvers or Hulks, the best we can do is be the Hawkeyes and Black Widows of the day. They may not fly or have super strength, but they share the screen with (literal) giants, and their skills are within reach given the right martial arts training. They’re the kind of characters you can look at and say “why couldn’t I do that?” and have the answer NOT be “because I’m not a millionaire physicist with exquisitely-sculpted facial hair who flies around fighting aliens in a robot suit.”

We’re still working on a mat that can instantly imbue you with crazy Avengers-tier fighting skills (turns out it’s quite a task), so until we get that figured out, we’ve got some great martial arts flooring options that will make training the old fashioned way as safe and effective as possible. The thickness is tailored to a precise balance between firmness and give so that you can get super-solid footing, but there’s still just enough cushion to prevent injury from a properly controlled fall. The tatami surface is also designed to give a kind of support that you can’t get from any other floor mat.

You’ll also appreciate that you don’t need to have the Hulk’s strength to install, remove, or replace the martial arts mats. They use the same adhesive-free interlocking system that our EVA mats do, and they come with edge material that gives the whole area a nice organized look without costing you the convenience and ease-of-access that floor mats offer over other kinds of flooring. Few (if any) other flooring systems can boast that if, by some Ultron-size catastrophe, a section of flooring gets damaged, it can be pulled out and replaced in less than five minutes and for cheaper than a shawarma.

For any martial arts mat-related questions you might have, we’re the folks to contact, and we can be reached by phone or email. For self-aware artificial intelligence attempting to annihilate the human race, well…

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