How to Use The Best Martial Arts Mats

How to Use The Best Martial Arts Mats

Posted by admin on May 5th 2016

The really cool thing, and the biggest surprise, is that our martial arts mats are really easy to install, use, and maintain for years. If you look at a martial arts studio outfitted in red and black or blue mats wall-to-wall, you might think a smaller home martial arts studio would be impossible to achieve. But the good news is that you can use exactly the same mats as martial arts studios all over the country, configure them to your own size and space needs, and install them yourself in just minutes.

Our tatami finish martial arts mats are made with a finish that mimics the tatami rice straw mats of late 8th century Japanese origins. Back then, only the aristocracy was allowed to use the mats for seating, but thankfully today, you can use the same finish on your martial arts mats to protect your floors and yourself. The tatami finish gives your feet more traction – a must when practicing any martial art. And if we’re honest, it just looks really cool, too. Use a black and red or red and blue color combination for a truly competitive, professional look.

Now if you don’t need wall-to-wall coverage, it’s ok: our mats come with finishing pieces that give your edges a nice, straight look for island applications. Maybe you’re putting a workout space in the garage and only have 24 sq. feet to give. Our mats can go directly onto the concrete floor, or with the addition of carpet tape on the underside to give greater security, and the edge pieces will cap the interlocking tabs on the perimeter of your space to provide the finishing touch.

Achieving the professional look with martial arts mats doesn’t require a professional to install them, either. Because of those interlocking tabs, all our martial arts mats fit together easily, like pieces of a puzzle, which means even kids can help install them. If you have to trim to fit a corner or a space that’s less than square, the use of scissors or a utility knife is all that’s required. Seriously, you can have your new home martial arts workout area all ready to go in just minutes.

Choose your thickness – we offer three thicknesses of martial arts mats so you can get exactly as much padding as you need, choose your color, then if you still have questions, give us a call. Our customer service folks are the best in the business and will do everything possible to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you never thought a home martial arts studio was possible, we’re here to change your mind!