How Firm a Foundation

How Firm a Foundation

Posted by admin on Aug 25th 2016

Foundations are meant to be firm, even in convention halls, or the whole thing would collapse. But that doesn’t mean you have to actually walk and stand on that hard, cold floor during a trade show. Be grateful for the engineers who thought about structural integrity, then do something to keep yourself and your sales force comfortable at the trade show booth.

Whether colorful, wood grained, or carpeted, EVA foam mats can save you from painful feet and joints during your exhibition. At a mere 3/8″ thick, mats are anti-fatigue (perfect for the trade show), can take the edge off, absorb shock and even make your visitors feel more comfortable in your booth than anyone else’s. And that’s ultimately good for business.

Our multi-purpose mats actually come in three thicknesses and in a huge variety of colors. These are great for complementing your logo and company colors. Mix it up! Pick two or more colors to create a pattern that will be eye-catching and comfortable at the same time. These mats are water resistant, so if spills occur, just grab a rag and wipe them up. No staining, no ruined floor. They are installed in just minutes with their puzzle-piece construction, and can be transported easily with our shoulder bag. Much easier than hauling a roll of carpet, or toughing it out on the concrete floor!

For a really classy look, our wood grain mats can’t be beat. Choose from five different wood-grain patterns and your booth will immediately look a little more upscale. Your customers likely won’t even know they’re foam until they step on them!

For the warm, soft feel of carpet, try our carpet top mats. They come in 8 rich colors that will make your booth as inviting as a family room. You can use a suction-only vacuum to remove debris, pack them up, and head home. They really are that easy.

All our mats come with straight edge pieces so your EVA foam floor looks finished and professional. Don’t spend another trade show gritting your teeth and bearing it. Get some mats and keep that smile genuine throughout the whole trade show!