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Home Sports Training

Posted by admin on Jan 9th 2014

Home Sports Training

Looking to improve your performance in your chosen sport by training more at home? Practice makes perfect may be a commonly-known adage, but the truth is that the greatest sports stars didn’t get that way solely by giving 110% during formal team practice sessions. They became legends by bringing their practice home with them. Phil Ford is a legendary UNC basketball player, who still shares a school record for the highest free throw percentage in a game (1976). The story goes that young Phil would come home from basketball practice and shoot 100 free throws in his driveway. So, for all aspiring NBA stars, or those just trying to be the best on the company softball team, home sports training is the secret to success.

Preparing Your Home Sports Training Space

Depending on the skill set you need to practice, you might set up space for your home sports training in your backyard or driveway, or if you’re an apartment dweller, in a park near your pad. For drills, you can set up cones to represent other players. If your training is indoors, like for weights or gymnastics, you can prepare your practice area with floor mats (Hey! We’ve got personal fitness mats!) to cushion noise and keep you safe.

Stay Committed to Home Sports Training

You can’t underestimate the value of fundamentals in any sport. This is the best area for your home sports training to focus on. While drills may seem boring, there’s no better way to perfect your shooting or your back flip. Someday you might break Phil Ford’s record for the highest free throw percentage, but today it’s just another 100 free throws in the driveway. Any champion will tell you that sports isn’t all the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat—for the best, it’s also hours and hours of practice.