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Home Gyms in Minimal Space

Posted by admin on Oct 9th 2017

When you really want to work out at home, but don’t have a whole room to designate for the purpose, folding exercise mats can be the solution. They give you the padding and support you need while being compact and easy to store. And they’re easy to care for, which means you’ll have discovered a practical, affordable, and low-maintenance solution to working out in your very own home.

Our folding exercise mats come in four different sizes so you can purchase the right one for your type of workout and the space you have to give. The most compact mat is a mere 2′ x 6′ and about 2″ thick. When you only have time and space to do some pilates or body weight exercises that don’t require a lot of movement, this is an excellent choice. The 4′ x 6′ fitness mat offers a little more width, and the 4′ x 8′ mat offers both extra length and width. If you have enough room, the 4′ x 10′ mat offers maximum coverage so you can do just about all your calisthenics, pilates, yoga, and body weight training on one supportive yet temporary surface. When you’re done, fold the mat in half and store it out of the way so your room becomes itself again.

What’s to be gained by using a folding exercise mat at home? Plenty! Gym memberships can be costly, and making the time to get to the gym can be difficult. With a space at home that’s comfortable and supportive, you’re more likely to actually do your workout. Having your workout space at home is also a great way to show your kids that an active lifestyle is important to you, something they’ll likely absorb over time and make a part of their own lives. If you get the larger exercise mat, the kids might even join you once in a while! Working out at home also affords privacy you can’t get elsewhere (forget about the aforementioned kids…). You’re free to pause your workout for whatever reason and resume it at your convenience.

Personal exercise mats are a great way to stay fit and healthy without pricey gym memberships, time commitments, or travel requirements. Your workout is unique to you, so allow your workout space to be just as unique by bringing an exercise mat into your home and making it a part of your daily life.