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Home Gym vs The Holidays

Posted by admin on Oct 16th 2017

Did you know that EVA foam multi-purpose mats are the perfect counter punch to Halloween candy? If you have kids, you know you’re going to end up eating half or more of their haul, and if you don’t have kids, you’re probably looking forward to the November sales of all that candy. But this is exactly the wrong time to be adding an extra pound or two, as the high holidays of American culture are just around the corner. And that always means calorie temptation. But consider creating a workout space at home and you’ve just come up with a convenient, comfortable way to combat that temptation or at least counter it by making exercise accessible in your own space. That’s where the EVA foam mats come into play.

In just a few minutes, you can install your EVA foam multi-purpose mats in a very small area of your home – no huge amounts of space are needed. To create your perfect home gym, simply designate the space, install your EVA foam flooring to absorb shock, keep yourself comfortable, and protect your floors, and sprinkle on any equipment you choose. Done. Now you have a home gym!

Our EVA foam multi-purpose mats have tabbed edges – like all our mats – so they connect to each other snugly in just a few minutes. The mats come with straight edge pieces so even an island configuration looks neat and finished. Measure your space, calculate how many mats you’ll need, and order. When they arrive, connect them and trim with a utility knife or scissors for the perfect fit. You’ll burn fewer calories installing your new home gym floor than you will walking door to door on Halloween with your kids!

Creating a fitness plan before the onset of the holidays is a smart choice with supportive, shock-absorbing EVA foam multi-purpose mats. You’ll feel great about your workouts even before you start them, and the foam flooring feels so good we daresay it might even be a real motivator for you to stay committed to your fitness routine.

Hop on your multi-purpose mats, get in a good workout, and bring on the holidays!