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Home Gym Design with We Sell Mats

Posted by admin on Dec 31st 2012

Home Gym DesignFor the latest flooring technology in home gym design, We Sell Mats is the place to be. We offer convenient flooring mats that interlock, so won’t need glue to cover your existing concrete, tile, or wood floors. Because these mats work without glue, it’s easy to move and reassemble your flooring according to your changing home gym needs. Order a free sample from We Sell Mats to see what you’ve been missing!

Your home gym design isn’t complete without the perfect flooring. We Sell Mats carries interlocking EVA foam mats so that you can transform your home gym into a space you would normally find in a commercial fitness center. Our foam mats aren’t just for design purposes, though! Our mats will improve your health by reducing impact from high-intensity exercising, stretching, and strength training. We offer EVA foam mats in three thicknesses, so you can choose whether 3/8", 1/2", or 3/4" mats are best for your home gym.When you select one of our many colors to best match your home gym design, your pack of EVA foam mats will come with twenty-four square feet of flooring. This pack includes six interlocking mats that measure two feet by two feet, plus ten edge pieces. We also offer our tiles in a smaller one-foot by one-foot size. If your home gym is larger than what a pack will cover, you can order additional single tiles, multiple 24-square-foot packs, or step up to our 100-square-foot pack.

If your home gym is designed specifically for gymnastics or martial arts, we’ve got the perfect flooring solution for you. We Sell Mats offers ribbed, 3/4" inch interlocking martial arts mats for practicing Karate or Tae Kwon Do at home. For gymnastics flooring, you’ll find a variety of incline, folding incline, cartwheel, and tumbling mats at We Sell Mats. If you’re looking for other textures, perhaps for a more peaceful studio feel, you may be interested in our wood grain EVA foam mats or our carpet top EVA foam mats.

Another option for home gym design is commercial rubber mats. While EVA foam mats cushion your body during exercise, we recommend placing our commercial rubber mats under weight lifting machines. These interlocking mats are crafted from recycled rubber to provide a non-slip surface for your fitness center floor. Whether you choose our EVA foam or commercial rubber mats, you’re going to love the way our flooring completes your home gym design.

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