Home Exercises for Women

Posted by admin on Jan 16th 2014

Home Exercise for Women

Home exercises for women can be hard to find! Without cardio or weight-lifting machines in their homes, many women give up on home exercises and pay exorbitant fees for memberships and local gyms and health clubs. All these women wish they could exercise in their own homes, without hundreds of eyes staring at them. With home exercises, you don’t have to worry about another person’s sweaty germs on your cardio machine or feel ashamed of those last five pounds you haven’t lost yet.

There are many home exercises for women that everyone should try before heading to a gym. Many fitness experts recommend purchasing a fitness mat and a good set of dumbbells, but you won’t need much equipment beyond that. For weight loss, try home exercises that involve lunges and squats while holding or lifting weights. Home exercises such as planks and crunches are great for women because they really tone that stubborn tummy!

Looking for home exercises for women to tone for swimsuit season? Try twisting with weights as you lunge, and using dumbbells to work on all of your arm muscles. For variation, try push-ups on the ground or with hands planted on a bench. “Mountain climber” is a great option to tone your arms, legs, and abs all at the same time.

When it comes to home exercises, many women prefer instructional videos by fitness experts. You can find short, free videos on popular websites such as YouTube, or free podcasts on iTunes. For the best quality, many women choose to purchase DVD sets or digital copies of their favorite fitness videos. Free and for-purchase videos are available for a variety of different types of workouts, from yoga and Pilates to strength training and cardio-dance.

If you’re not using a video, home exercises for women are always enhanced with music! We recommend crafting a playlist of your favorite “pump-up” songs, or looking online for recommendations. No matter which way you choose to do it, home exercises for women are an easy, cheap alternative to expensive gym memberships. Don’t let anyone charge you for looking great—try home exercises for women today.