Home Exercise Equipment Must-Haves for A Well Rounded Home Workout Routine

Home Exercise Equipment Must-Haves for A Well Rounded Home Workout Routine

Posted by We Sell Mats on Jan 20th 2022

Are you looking to get in shape but don’t have the time, money, or desire to go to a gym? No problem! You can create a well-rounded home workout routine with just a few pieces of exercise equipment. Read on for our list of must-haves for a successful home workout routine.

Home Workout Routine Exercise Equipment Essentials

With just a little bit of space, you can achieve great results from working out at home! However, before you get started, you’ll need to invest in some basic equipment to create a safe, comfortable, and effective home gym. Here are eight exercise equipment essentials you need for the best home workout routine.

1. Fitness Flooring

The foundation of a good home workout space is comfortable, durable flooring. Fortunately, you don’t have to rip up your carpet or refloor your entire space to get that. All you need is fitness mat flooring. By covering your workout space with foam floor tiles or folding exercise mats, you create a comfortable environment for bodyweight exercises and protect your flooring underneath from wear and tear. Regardless of whether you have a large or small workout area, you can create a well rounded home workout routine starting with the foundation of flooring.

2. Yoga Mat

A well rounded home workout routine must include stretching and floor exercises. Putting a yoga mat on top of your fitness flooring provides extra cushioning and a non-slip surface. Plus, it is easily transportable, so you can stay fit even while you’re far from home.

3. Set of Dumbbells

There’s a lot you can do with a single set of dumbbells, from upper-body strength exercises like curls and shoulder presses to lower-body strength exercises like weighted lunges and squats. Not only does strength training help you build strong muscles, but it also strengthens your bones, reduces symptoms of chronic conditions, and even sharpens your mind!

4. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an affordable and effective home workout routine essential. Resistance band exercises help build muscle without putting additional pressure on your joints, like your knees or elbows. To keep your home workout routine fresh and your muscles guessing, switch between weighted exercises and resistance exercises.

5. Stability Exercise Ball

A large exercise ball is a must-have for people of any age and fitness skill level. They are versatile and aid in strengthening your core–your stomach and lower back muscles. A strong core increases your balance and stability and helps prevent injury in and out of the gym. Plus, you can use your exercise ball for other things, such as your office chair to improve posture and strengthen your core while working!

6. Medicine Ball

Medicine balls come in various weights and sizes so that you can choose the best option for your workout needs. Medicine balls are commonly used for ab exercises and are also great for partner workouts. Throw the weighted ball back and forth for a strength-building, aerobic exercise with a friend.

7. Kettlebell

Similar to medicine balls, kettlebells come in many weights and sizes. They are also great for ab workouts, but they are more versatile than medicine balls. With a kettlebell, you can get a full-body workout by doing kettlebell swings, weighted sit-ups, deadlifts, and more! If you need to choose between a medicine ball and a kettlebell for your home workout routine, we suggest going with the kettlebell.

8. Foam Roller

Last but certainly not least is a foam roller to help with muscle recovery after workouts. You can also use it before you do your home workout routine to loosen your muscles and prepare them for activity. When you foam roll, you reduce soreness, muscle tightness, and inflammation, as well as improve joint range of motion. Be sure to form roll on an exercise mat for maximum comfort.

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