Holiday Fitness Ideas

Posted by admin on Nov 24th 2014

It’s no myth that we gain weight over the holidays. The good news is, it’s usually only a pound or two for the average person. The bad news is, we have a tendency to hang onto that pound or two until the next holiday season. After about 10 holiday seasons, your adult body is going to be noticeably different with that kind of accumulated gain. What can you do?Obvious answer? Don’t gain the pound! But that’s easier said than done when Grandma’s sweet potato pie is staring you down. Many gyms and fitness centers have jumped on the pro-active bandwagon and are offering holiday fitness challenges for members to help them stay ahead of the game so when it’s pie time, you can go ahead and indulge because you’re in control.

If you’ve got a gym membership, great. Use it! The gym (if it’s a good one) will already have ideas to help you keep the weight off over the holidays. If you’re not a gym rat, but have a workout space at home, complete with EVA foam mats for comfort and stability, design your own fitness challenge and get started ASAP. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

At the gym: each week, commit to one group fitness class, 20 minutes on a cardio machine, 2 circuits of upper body machines, 2 circuits of lower body machines, and at least one yoga class. At home: each week, walk daily (alone can be nice, but sometimes a buddy is better), choose a bodyweight pyramid routine to do daily, and if you can’t get to a class, invest in a good yoga video. Whether starting at the gym or at home, weigh yourself at the outset, then only once weekly to make sure you’re maintaining your weight. You might even notice you lose a little bit. Good for you!

If you want to get that space in your home ready for your workouts and relaxation exercises, give us a call and we’ll help you pick out the perfect mats to fit the space you have. Order online if you know exactly what you want – and if you like us on facebook, you’ll have our friends discount for life! It’s our way to help you have a healthy holiday season that you can enjoy and feel great about when it’s all over!