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Heavy Duty Home Gym Flooring

Posted by admin on Jan 8th 2018

If you’re looking for some home gym flooring that’s resilient, affordable and easy to assemble, you need look no further than our Vélotas rubber topped foam fitness mats. These incredible floor mats are padded enough to make floor work a pleasure and strong enough to handle even some of your heavy fitness equipment.

Rubber flooring is generally cost-prohibitive for home applications, but Vélotas rubber-topped mats are a perfect solution when you need the rubber resilience, but don’t want to pay for the commercial gym-style rubber flooring. Vélotas mats are made of EVA foam, just like our other floor mats, but they’re topped with natural rubber for a more durable surface. When you want that sturdy gym-like flooring for your own home gym, these are a lightweight, installed-in-minutes solution that will provide stability, comfort, and a pleasing aesthetic.

If you plan to use heavy equipment in your home gym, we suggest the addition of our Vélotas PVC fitness equipment mats. Placing these mats under your exercise bike, weight bench, or small treadmill can provide added stability and protection for your floors. The fitness  equipment mats are available in 8 sizes so you can choose the one that best fits the equipment that will be residing on it.

Flooring for your home gym is important because it will protect your floors from high traffic and heavy equipment, but it will also make the space one you actually want to be in – if you get the right flooring! Vélotas rubber-topped foam mats are your first step toward making your home gym the environment you can’t wait to spend time in and the fitness equipment mats will help ensure that your floors stay protected. It’s an easy decision to make, really. Get your fitness mats, then load your home gym up with all your favorite exercise equipment. Done and done!