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Happy Yoga-days

Posted by admin on Dec 13th 2017

There’s no place like a yoga mat for the holidays. A twist on an old carol, yes, but true nonetheless. We’re all aware of how stressful holidays can be: travel, missing family members, tensions, financial burdens, and all that food! The one place you can count on for stress relief during the holidays is your yoga mat. Don’t have one? Maybe now is the time to get yourself a gift you’ll truly use.

Time spent on a yoga mat has been used for centuries for stress relief, learning to control thoughts and feelings, and brining your body up to speed so it can keep you healthy. If they’d fit, we think everyone’s Christmas stockings should be stuffed with a yoga mat and then there might just be peace on Earth! Seriously, though, there’s no better way to get yourself in the peaceful frame of mind for enjoying the holidays and every other day than to spend some quality time on a supportive, comfortable yoga mat. Our Manduka Pro yoga mats offer padding, stability, aesthetic appeal and flexibility for the kind of practice you need.

Yoga mats can be used for everything from a strenuous hot yoga practice to simple, comfortable meditation. Take your pick. What’s your style of yoga? The Manduka Pro yoga mats are textured in a way that wicks sweat away from your body and offers maximum grip and traction for hands and feet. If you like to move a lot and get good and sweaty, the Manduka Pro will offer sincere purchase while still allowing for ease of movement between poses. If the holidays are “only in my dreams” then you couldn’t choose a better mat for quiet reflection. With 6mm of thick, supportive padding beneath you, you’ll be situated perfectly to reflect on being “home” and watching those visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. You might want to throw in some truly self-reflective stuff, just to feel like you’re really doing yoga, but even if your yoga mat is just a place you go to for some restful meditation, you’ll feel better and perhaps more energized to take on those things that aren’t so restful.

While you’re giving gifts this season, consider giving a Manduka Pro yoga mat to someone – maybe yourself – who could really use some R&R. Choose a luscious color, a thickness, and be on your way to some truly happy holidays.