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Gymnastics Incline Mats for Home Use

Posted by admin on Dec 11th 2013

Gymnastics Incline Wedge

If you’re into the gymnastics side of exercising, incline mats (also called “cheese mats”) are ideal for home use. Whether you use them for personal training or for your little gymnast practicing somersaults, We Sell Mats’ incline mats are a great addition to your home gym.

Gymnastics incline mats will fit right in with the other exercise equipment you use in your home. Every one of We Sell Mats’ products are new and in premium condition; each incline mat is made from high quality Crosslink Polyethylene Foam and an 18oz vinyl covering for durable and comfortable cushioning. The vinyl covering is easy to clean and built to take intense practice sessions, pets, and children’s enthusiasm. The covering also prevents moisture build up from your hardworking hands and feet.

Gymnastics incline mats for home use come in two sizes. The smaller mats are non-folding and measure 33″ x 24″ x 14″, while the larger 60″ x 30″ x 15″ mats fold up for easy storage and to keep them from taking over your floor space. There are also two larger sizes but they may be too large for practical home use. The folded mats form a nice cube shape to keep them tidy and non-folding mats can also be stacked together to form a cube. The mats are lightweight and easy to lift, and to aid movement around your house, there are two handles on each side. The bottom of the mat grips securely to the floor to prevent it from sliding around during use, an important feature for safety and prevention of injury. The mats come in the classic multi-color look as well as pink for the fashion conscious.

For the most safety while tumbling around on your gymnastics incline mat, add another layer of cushion by covering your floor with EVA Foam Mats or Gymnastics Tumbling Mats. We Sell Mats’ area calculator allows you to enter the square footage of the room you want to use (and in case it’s been a while since you used algebra, it will calculate the area for you based on the entered dimensions of the room). The calculator will then tell you how many packs of EVA Foam flooring you need.

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