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Gymnastics Equipment

Posted by admin on Feb 15th 2013

Gymnastics Equipment

Looking for gymnastics equipment for your home or business? At We Sell Mats, you’ll find a wide selection of gymnastics mats and equipment, including tumbling mats, incline mats, personal mats, and cartwheel mats. Shaped to help you improve your form and strength, these mats are the best way to become a better gymnast while avoiding injury.

Starting with our more basic gymnastics equipment, we offer four-by-eight feet Gymnastics Tumbling Mats in a variety of colors. The 18oz vinyl covering makes these mats easy to clean and care for, while the Crosslink Polyethylene Foam interior provides a padded cushion for practice. When you’re not practicing, you can fold these mats for easy movement and storage. Depending on your needs and skill level, gymnasts can choose mats with 1.5 or 2-inch thickness. We recommend purchasing several Gymnastics Tumbling Mats, especially if you own a gym or teach classes. The mats connect easily with a simple hook and loop closure.

At We Sell Mats, we understand that practicing gymnastics on your own can be tough. Our two-by-six feet Personal Exercise Mats also serve as great, portable gymnastics equipment. Made from similar materials to the gymnastics tumbling mats, these smaller versions fold to a manageable size, with handles that make these mats easy to carry with you. Another small, portable mat from We Sell Mats is the two-by-six feet Gymnastics Cartwheel Mat. The stripe running down the center of the mat is extremely helpful for practicing alignment and balance when performing a cartwheel, but these mats have a variety of other uses, too. Our cartwheel mats are made of a sponge foam core with vinyl covering, making these the perfect option for training and personal fitness use.

Our selection of gymnastics equipment wouldn’t be complete without incline mats. We offer a compact, non-folding Gymnastics Incline Mat, which measures thirty-four by twenty-four by fourteen inches. Its vinyl exterior makes this mat easy to clean and store, and kids will love the pink and multi-color mats. Our premium incline mat is a sixteen-inch Gymnastics Folding Incline mat. This multi-color wedge mat folds into a perfect box-shape for easy storage, but it opens to a three-foot by six-foot shape for tumbling practice.

At We Sell Mats, we can meet all of your needs for gymnastics equipment and home gym flooring. These mats are the perfect solution for small businesses teaching gymnastics, or eager students practicing on their own.