Gymnastics Can Be Safe At Home

Gymnastics Can Be Safe At Home

Posted by admin on Mar 9th 2018

If you cringe when your little gymnast wants to show you her forward roll on the hard kitchen floor, you probably don’t have a tumbling mat in the family room. But that’s ok – we’re here to help. When she comes home from tumbling practice and wants to keep practicing (good!), a thickly padded tumbling mat is just what she needs to do it safely. That’s why our tumbling mats are made to the same standards as those she uses at the studio, and why they’re available to you to use at home.

Thick, supportive tumbling mats are the foundation from which a child can build a lifelong love of gymnastics. Ours fold up and can be hidden away out of sight when they’re not being used, so you don’t have to convert a room in your home into a permanent practice space. In fact, our tumbling mats are so versatile, you’ll find they can be used for everything from tumbling practice to play time to sleep overs. So, truth be told, they might be out more often than they’re put away! But when you need to reclaim your living room, the mats fold up and slide away until you’re ready for them to be out again.

Having a tumbling mat at home does more than keep your tumbler safe while he practices, though it does that beautifully. It also encourages continued practice after time spent at the gym with an instructor. Why is that important? Well, we want kids to take what they learn in a classroom at school and practice it at home so they master the material. It’s no different with other skills they learn away from home. When you give your child a tumbling mat, you’re giving him a way to extend his gymnastics practice time to accelerate his mastery of any particular skill. When he goes to class the next time, he’s well ahead of where he would have been if he hadn’t had a safe place to practice between classes. Think of it as gymnastics homework!

With plenty of padding, ease of storage, and a surface kids just can’t resist, tumbling mats will become a favorite location for all your child’s activities. You might even find them plopped down on the tumbling mat with a book sometime – who knows? What’s certain is that you can’t go wrong with a tumbling mat at home on which your little ones can practice, learn, and grow.