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Gymnastics at Home

Posted by admin on Oct 17th 2014

Kids never got the memo: the couch is not a vault. The sofa cushions are not crash pads and I don’t care how well you “stuck” that dismount from your bed. No hanging from the towel bars. And if you move the furniture one more time to practice your routine, I’m going to join the circus where it will be less chaotic. But here’s the thing: kids are instinctual creatures, and it is in their nature to be active. So what’s a good parent to do?Encouraging an active lifestyle from early childhood decreases your kids’ risk of obesity – get the facts at First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website. So of course it’s best to let them do all the crazy stuff they do…well, most of it. You don’t want your house turned into a theme park or dojo, and there are certainly ways to encourage the play without the house becoming a playground. For instance, a few safely constructed gymnastics mats would protect your furniture, reduce wear on the carpet, protect the kids from less-than-stellar landings, and all the while encouraging them to be active. Let’s look at a few more ideas to get you started.

Tumbling mats are a great way to get the little ones interested in activity in a specific place. Introduce them to the men’s and women’s gymnastics teams online, show them a couple of really cool moves (online…not you, unless you happen to be on the US gymnastics team), and they’ll be hooked. When they’re ready for an apparatus or two, check out our line of Nastia Liukin gymanstics equipment: tumbling mats, balance beams, and a preschool training bar make the line your go-to source for kids’ fitness and activities equipment. And for the more advanced gymnast who wants to practice those back handsprings, you can’t go wrong with a cheese mat! Our incline wedges are perfect to help young gymnasts master the back handspring!

Kids bring energy, life, fun, and happiness to a home. And they bring messes, tears, and ruined furniture, but if the truth be told, it’s more important to have a happy, active child flipping through the house than it is to have the perfect unblemished leather sofa in the living room. Keep those kids active and tell them you love their energy by giving them the tools they need: gymnastics equipment from WeSellMats!