Great Gymnastics Quotes

Posted by admin on Jan 5th 2014

Great Gymnastics Quotes

Gymnastics may not be a winter sport as far as the Olympics are concerned, but here at We Sell Mats we can’t help but think about Gymnastics anytime the Olympics roll around. But what do most people know about the sport beyond the TV screen? We thought you might enjoy discovering more about this terrific sport through a few great gymnastics quotes from some of the biggest names in the history of the sport.

If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve success.

Nastia Liukin

Gymnastics is a rough sport. We’ve all seen the “agony of defeat” when a young gymnast’s competition dreams are shattered by a small mistake. Nastia Liukin tells us that we can’t let this fear of the split-second fall paralyze us; we must persevere and know that life will go on after failure.

The best way to show respect to your fellow athletes is to give the best performance you can.

Cheng Fei

Cheng Fei, member of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Chinese gold medal squad, gives us a glimpse into the dynamics of a gymnastics team. It’s hard to conceive of how gymnastics, what seems like an individual sport, can create such powerful bonds on a team. Ching Fei, in a simple and direct manner, shows how athletes are proud of each other and in awe of the developments in their sport.

If you can’t handle all the injuries and scars, choose a less demanding sport.

Shannon Miller

Don’t let the glittery outfits and the music confuse you—there’s nothing soft about gymnastics. Seldom do we see harder falls and more amazing feats of strength than those in gymnastics. Shawn Johnson reminds us that gymnastics certainly isn’t “girly” or “delicate” …it’s one of the toughest sports out there, and its athletes have the scars to prove it.

The ability to conquer oneself is no doubt the most precious thing sport bestows.

Olga Korbut

Discipline in sport can help us find discipline in life. Gymnasts have learned to calm their fears, control their bodies, and focus on a goal. No doubt these skills will help them in all aspects of their life, outside and inside the gym. Olga Korbut knows from experience. Apart from her success in the Olympic Games, Olga played an important ambassadorial role in Cold War politics and eventually became a schoolteacher.