Go Full Yogi With a Manduka Yoga Mat

Posted by admin on Oct 4th 2017

Time for a new yoga mat? Or maybe this is your first yoga mat purchase? Which one to choose?? Quality ranges from super cheap (it might last the year) to this-is-the-only-yoga-mat-you’ll-ever-need. Prices are just as varied. How do you choose the one that’s going to make the most sense for you? Thinking of a yoga mat as an investment in your well-being helps to make that decision a little easier, and we’re sure you’ll find the Manduka yoga mats here at We Sell Mats the answer to your decision-making process.

Manduka yoga mats are quite simply the best quality yoga mats you’ll find. How sure are we? So sure that we sell them with Manduka’s lifetime guarantee. How many things in your life come with that? Manduka yoga mats have a high density padding that makes practicing on them a comfortable and stable experience. Use them on hard surfaces or on carpet – it doesn’t matter. You’ll get the same secure footing and padding for your joints simultaneously in one yoga mat. No need to fold the mat beneath you or use two mats for extra padding. The Manduka mats are thick enough that the mat by itself will protect joints and pressure points and give you an unparalleled experience.

Yoga mats provided by the gym are pretty scary – how do you know they’re clean and safe when you don’t know how well they’ve been cleaned previously? Manduka yoga mats have a closed-cell surface so sweat from hot yoga or just a good workout doesn’t seep into the mat to breed bacteria and even more dangerous germs. That’s worth packing up and taking with you. This fabric-like surface texture also prevents slipping, which becomes even more important the older we get. You don’t want a little slip to result in the permanent end to your yoga practice, so you choose a yoga mat that will prevent that slipping while also offering you freedom and ease of movement between poses. Manduka yoga mats excel at providing security and safety for the life of the practice and the practitioner.

An investment in a Manduka yoga mat for your practice will mean a lifetime of safe, solid footing, and a yoga experience that is memorable because you didn’t have to think about the mat beneath you. Where your health and well-being are concerned, make the investment in a yoga mat solution that will last a lifetime.