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Giving Yoga

Posted by admin on Nov 21st 2017

You’ve been thinking about holiday gifts for awhile already, so have you considered the gift of a yoga mat? You know plenty of active people on your gift-giving list who would love an opportunity (or maybe an excuse) to give yoga a try. And with the right yoga mat, you may just help launch them into a lifetime of healthful activity. A better holiday gift there never was!

Being the person you are, you’d never consider giving a meaningless gift, so a Manduka Pro yoga mat, rolled up and tied with a big ol’ bow is a logical choice for you. This yoga mat comes with a Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer, so you know it’s the best quality yoga mat you’ll find. It’s been carefully made so that the user finds traction, ease of movement between poses, comfort, and challenge all rolled…well, unrolled…into one yoga mat. Giving the best of something communicates your care, your encouragement, and your love, so when you think about giving a yoga mat as a gift on any occasion, the Manduka Pro yoga mat is a meaningful, top-of-the-line choice.

Why should the Manduka Pro yoga mat be your go-to yoga mat for gift-giving rather than an inexpensive, thin, beginner-style yoga mat? Think of it this way: when you want to encourage someone in an endeavor, you don’t give them something poorly made. You don’t want your toddler to begin bike-riding on a bike that has loose wheels, bad steering, and no brakes. That would put an end to their bike-riding interest because they wouldn’t get the true experience of riding a bike. They’d be too busy getting up off the ground hurt and frustrated. The same is true for yoga. If you start with a yoga mat that is so thin and poorly made that you’re slipping around on it, falling out of poses because there’s no traction, and hurting from the lack of padding provided to your knees, your yoga practice won’t last very long. But if you start with a mat that is designed to encourage you to keep going, you’re much more likely to continue and grow your practice. Isn’t that the kind of gift you want to give to your aspiring yogi?

If you’re serious about giving a yoga mat to someone special this year, the Manduka Pro yoga mat or the Manduka Pro Lite yoga mat are the mats you should consider. They’ll be that proverbial gift-that-keeps-on-giving, and you’ll be the giver who totally nailed the gift.