Functional Fitness at Home

Functional Fitness at Home

Posted by admin on Oct 9th 2015

There’s truth in the current thinking that performing movements that simulate daily activities can help prevent injury, and the easiest way we know to do this is with a good home workout complete with weights and of course, a high-quality set of floor mats. Whether you load trucks for a living or sit at a computer to bring home the bacon, some good exercises can help you prevent injury on the job and when you’re doing those recreational activities you really look forward to.

Start with some soft, EVA foam mats and go from there. Once you have a shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue surface from which to work out, you can be confident you’re doing all you can to help build strength and prevent accidents. Add some weights, either household objects or gym-style dumbbells or free-weights, some carefully considered instruction, and you’re ready to start implementing a functional fitness routine right in your own home.

A big part of functional fitness is making sure the routine is geared toward your own lifestyle and activities, so making sure the workout is accessible in your own home gym can be really helpful in making sure you get it done. Our 3/8″ mats are great for these kinds of workouts if the weights you’re using are fairly light. Impressions on the mats from dropped weights can occur, but if you’re using hand weights, this shouldn’t be an issue. If you want to use heavier weights, you might want to consider our 1/2″ or 3/4″ mats to protect the floor underneath, as well as to offer a little more padding for yourself. Because all our mats are made of solid EVA foam, you won’t have to worry about instability. And since they lock together with puzzle-like tabs, they’ll stay in place. If you want extra security, a little carpet tape underneath the mats can do the trick.

When you’re ready to outfit your home for a new functional fitness routine, EVA foam mats are the perfect foundation from which to build. Choose your thickness (heck – choose your color, too!), spend mere minutes installing them, and get on the road to a workout that enables you to stay injury-free and active for the rest of  your life.