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Foam Mats: The Best for Your Booth

Whether you're showing off the hottest car, displaying the most elegant bridal dresses, or explaining the newest pharmaceuticals, trade shows will get you and your product seen. But once you're at the show, the rest is up to you. How do you catch the customers' eye? What sets you apart?

We think it's all in the presentation. If you're moving with purpose, look excited about your product, and have a snazzy booth, people will actually be drawn to you. Having the right surface beneath your feet can help accomplish all of this in one fell swoop. A little softness beneath your feet will help you stay feeling energized all day long. And if you're energized, your product seems that much more appealing. Plus, with a sharp-looking (perhaps wood-grain or carpet top??) floor, your product gets a boost in the aesthetic department. Which looks better, a product displayed on a concrete slab or on multi-hued wood grain? When your customer approaches, wouldn't it be awesome if they physically felt better? Imagine them stepping up to your booth, leaving the concrete floor and treading on cushioned foam flooring...more likely to be open to your product? You bet!

Not sure which flooring would be best for your next trade show? We have several varieties to choose from - let us send you some free samples so you can see how they look and feel before you order. And rest assured you don't have to buy more than you need. Our sets come in various sizes so you're certain to get exactly what you need.

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