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Floors Tailored for Fitness

Floors Tailored for Fitness

Posted by admin on Sep 26th 2015

Ever think about why shoes made for different kinds of fitness activities feel totally different from dress shoes? It’s because sore feet are the worst, and doing exercise without proper support under your feet can drastically exacerbate the problem. It can even impact the shape of the foot in the long term. So why on earth would we assume flooring isn’t a part of that? Most floors just aren’t conducive to good exercise on their own in the same way that you don’t just wear any old shoes when you run a marathon, lift in a strongman competition, or play a sport. So when you set up a space to work out, don’t forget your floor mats.

Of course, depending on the type of exercise you’re doing, the type of fitness mat you’ll want will vary. While the EVA foam mats are great and fit many, many situations, a martial artist might find that he or she prefers the martial arts mats that, despite similar looks, are actually tailored in texture and thickness to be better suited to the kind of motion martial arts demand. And, of course, a gymnast can hardly rely on EVA foam to break the kind of controlled (and sometimes uncontrolled) falls that gymnastics routines involve, so we offer a whole ton of different gymnastics mats and shapes that will suit those purposes most effectively.

Fitness is a personal thing, from the way you approach it, to your diet, to the way you build your exercise space, whether you’re looking at a home gym area or a commercial studio. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, as we’re always available to help you figure out the most effective solution to your personal fitness needs, or, at least the ones that have to do with flooring. ☺ You can also like us on Facebook to be among the first to know about our sales and discounts, and you’ll also receive a 5% discount on all your orders!