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Floors After Christmas

stepping on a lego brick

How does the play area look in the post-Christmas carnage? About what percentage of LEGO® pieces have you stepped on so far? Know what would make walking through the playroom a lot less agonizing? EVA foam mats. They’re just like LEGO®, only with the torturous piercing sensation of sharp plastic knifing into your foot replaced with comfort, cushion and a general sense that the world is a brighter place. Seriously, let's consider the relative strengths of LEGO® and EVA foam: interlocking sections for ease of use and creative layouts? EVA's got it in spades. Plenty of colors to choose from? EVA was there a long time ago. Kids love 'em? Beats hard wood or linoleum every time.

Believe us, the play area gets a hundred times better with EVA foam mats. They’re easy to clean, which is always a bonus and sometimes a necessity where the little ones are concerned, and they’re soft enough to keep children safe from the inevitable bumps and scrapes that happen over the course of active play. Installation is easier than building a LEGO® set, and it's just as quick and simple to pack them back up when the time comes. And like always, you've got a great customer support crew here at to help you out if you need a hand.

The play area can be a hazardous zone, but not only will some mats provide protection for your feet and your offspring, but they'll keep the floors in top condition for a future home sale or even just to keep things looking nice for the long haul. We’ve got a limited-time offer of free shipping on large interlocking foam mats (with 13 colors or an assorted color option) right now, so there’s no better time to order than the present. The installation is a piece of cake, but if you’re having difficulty with it and don’t have a LEGO® architect in the household, or if you’ve got any other questions for floor mat professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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